The Parker 425 is always an epic race. It kicks off the season, it’s the race that new teams and cars debut, it sets the tone for the year, and everyone is chomping at the bit to get back to racing. This year was no different. Our team had finished off last year with a second place for the season and we are looking to carry that momentum into this year as well. The car was torn down, inspected, prepped and tested in the off season (If you call December to February an off season) and we felt we could run with any of our competitors.

We drew the ninth starting spot out of a strong field of 21 entries in our class. Mark “Sparky” Linder and myself left the start line that originates on the streets of downtown Parker. We had several cars pass us as the pace being set was faster than I felt necessary this early in the game. Sometimes this is a smart move and sometimes it’s not. As the lap progressed through the soft sandy washes, fast graded roads and rocky goat trails of the Indian reservation land, we passed the cars that had overtaken us earlier, one was changing a flat, one was working under the hood and two were upside down. Patients pay off. We stopped at mile ninety one for a planned fuel splash and continued on as more cars were dropping off one by one.

After a trouble free and (conservative) 145 mile lap, we arrived in the main pit area in fourth spot. Josh Reiter and Dylan Cochran took over the driving chores that included picking up the pace and chasing down the other top runners. The team of Randall Racing were having a great run and had been up front all day while the Helgison Team had problems, came back had more problems and came back again to run in the top three. As the final miles clicked off the Randall Team had a flat along with fuel pressure issues. Josh and Dylan were able to take advantage and move into the lead, and then the Helgison Team once again came from behind and passed both Randall and us for win.

We missed the win by six minutes, we did however manage a solid second. It was a good tight race for the three top finishers. Our car isn’t hurt, No flats, No suspension issues, No shock problems, No axle worries. It was a good trouble free run. “Hats off” to the team for all their hard work. See you at the MINT 400!!!

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen:
4 Wheel Parts
Rubicon Express
G/2 Axle
Rigid Lighting
Bilstein Shocks
L&J Landscape
General Tire
ATX Wheels