Congratulations to all winners!

Our 4 Wheel Parts Facebook page launched a Holiday contest on December 3, 2012 which recently ended on December 26, 2012. Fans were asked to select a prize and tell us how they will use it, then upload a picture of their rig.  Seven lucky winners were recently selected!


John Robertson

Prize: Max Energy Power Programmer by Hypertech

Tell us how you’ll use it: This would be used on my wife’s daily driver and one of our weekend toys. 07 unlimited wrangler.with 35″ tires we could reset the speedo to read right.we could also use it for the improved fuel economy, for her daily 30 mile commute.also we could use the performance side of it for the weekend off roading we do, like the shift points, rev limiter,and control the for lower on temps. weather at silver lake sand dunes,rocks and valleys off road park, the mounds,drummond island,or hunting up north.and lastley we could check diagnostic trouble codes with it our selves not having to run to the local auto parts store to have it done. to put it in a sentance we need this and would use it a lot !! making off roading even more fun for our family!!



Joe Ornellas

Prize: D2 Dually LED Lights by Rigid Industries

Tell us how you’ll use it: I would bolt them to my ARB bumper. I have been saving up for a set of the Dually’s but to have the D2’s for free would be a great Christmas surprise. I live near a lot of back roads near Atlanta. I got the ARB bumper after I hit a dear and the cost of replacing the GM parts was almost as much as getting the ARB one. I recently moved and the cost of getting my Hummer trail worthy is getting pushed further and further away. I was hoping to get lights and a winch this year but unexpected bills have pushed everything further away. Unlike most off roaders who only really go out during the day I love night riding. My rooftop flood lights help but they are severely underpowered to a Dually spot light. Plus you cant imagine the value of heavy duty spot lights on back roads on a dark night. And as a note anyone out there who does not have a winch, using the high lift with the winching kit works, but its no fun at all. No matter how good you get at it.




Austin Heisel

Prize: JK Bump Stops by King Shocks

Tell us how you’ll use it: I’m building up an old F100 to be a pre-runner or race truck and im almost there i just need an extra boost to help me build it and i would love to get hooked up with some bump stops.



Timothy McConnell

Prize: 18” Pro Comp Metal Mulisha 7113 – Flat Black Wheel (set of 4) by Metal Mulisha

Tell us how you’ll use it: I just bought a 1978 Chevy step side short bed 4×4 with a 350 motor and tranny. It really needs new rims bad. It still has the factory rims on it. you can appreciate what 34 years does to a set of steel wheels I’m sure. I would love to win these. I never win anything. It would make my Christmas and my sons as i plan to pass this truck on to him someday when he learns to appreciate the older trucks and cars like i do. Shhh! he already does but he can’t have it yet!



Joel Lounds

Prize: Complete Exhaust System by Magnaflow

Tell us how you’ll use it: I will use it to evacuate the gases which are a byproduct of burning hydrocarbons in an internal combustion engine from the said engine to the rear of the vehicle, where they will be safely released into the wild to gently disperse into the wind. I will do this mostly on Interstate 75 during the week, but on weekends it could be in one of many places: Ocala National Forest, Big Cypress National Preserve, even Daytona Beach (where this picture was taken). This will require the exhaust system to endure dirt, mud, rocks, sand, and water.



Arthur Eastridge

Prize: Comp Air System by Smittybilt

Tell us how you’ll use it: I am actually just beginning my build. I am on an extremely limited budget. Just recently I traded a dirtbike i had built from a basket case for my 92 cherokee. I got the jeep fairly complete with the exception of a transfer case. Somehow i found an early np231 for an incredible price ($50!). After scouring craigslist and ebay with a few trips to the junkyard mixed in i now have just about everything i need to lift it 4″ and fit 31s for now. Unfortunately the recent rain and lack of an indoor shop make it hard to do anything right now. As for the compact air system and how i would use it? First, I considered the other prizes but this seems to be the one that would end up as being a savior for me. My jeep is from maryland and has typical floorboard rot. This air system will allow me to use a few airtools to help speed up the process of cutting out the bad sheetmetal and prepping the area for new steel. Once the rig is ready for the trail this system will let me air down my tires on trail. Since im limited to a 31″ tire for now, airing down will allow me to maximize what traction i have with the smaller tires. This is going to be my trail rig/daily driver/camping vehicle. This air system will come in very handy at the campsite. It seems no matter what, the electric air pumps always either fail, are missing the adapters or just take a half hour to fill an air mattress. This system would let me inflate my (and probably a few others) beds in no time. Not to mention rafts and other inflatable rings and such. Not to mention the ability to have air power for an on the trail repair. Everything from a small impact to break free a stubborn bolt or nut to being able to blow the broken chunks of gear out of the third member to make it easier to limp home with minimal damage. The uses are almost endless. With the previously mentioned budget constraints, a system like this is out if my reach for quite a while. Its not the most expensive gift being offered, but it would be the most valuable one to me! I wanted to include a few pictures of the jeep and the transfer case being put in just to show im not making things up when i say i work on this thing outside in a dirt lot. But i guess im limited to only one photo on the mobile site. So here is the jeep right after we rolled it off of my friends trailer. Merry Christmas and have a great new year!



Robert Rogers

Prize: PowerSteps Running Boards by AMP Research

Tell us how you’ll use it: This would be a blessing because my Mom can’t get up into my truck. When my Dad passed away on 10-27-2012 he left me his truck. My Mom is 80 years old and has two hip replacements. She has not been able to get up into Dad’s truck since 2005. These steps would enable her to ride in her sweethearts truck again. Today 12-23-2012 would have been their 63 wedding anniversary, it is her first without him. Every year for their anniversary Dad would get Mom 1 red rose for every year they had been married. So this year if my name is drawn I hope the ability to ride in her sweethearts again will replace the 63 red roses she would have gotten. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


We would like to thank all the vendors who participated in the Pick Your Present Holiday contest: