Vehicle: Year, Make & Model
1985 Chevrolet M1008

Tell us about your upgrades and describe the parts installed.
Swapped out the 6.2 diesel/THM-400/NP-208 for a 385 Stroker/SM-465/NP-205. Dana 60 front with locker, Corporate 14BFF rear with locker. Goodyear 33″ MT/R. 1″ body lift from ORD Polyurethane all around. Flowmaster 44 Series exhaust. Woody driveshaft.

What were some challenges and successes?
Doing everything myself was the most challenging part. I had to cut out the tranny hump in order to get a cherry picker through the door to lift up the tranny and t-case and get them bolted up to the block. My favorite part about the truck is the “headache rack” that I built for the back window after I threw a piece of firewood throught it.

What can your ride do now that it couldn’t do before?
Idle up a hill in 1st gear with about 2500lbs of wood in the back.