At the time you read this article, BIGFOOT should have broken the World’s Longest Jump in a Monster Truck. The Indy Jamboree with mud bogs, show and shine, tough trucks and of course, Monster Trucks also hosted the World Record setting jump platform for the most famous monster truck… BIGFOOT! This article is being written on Friday before the jump, so we can’t say whether or not BIGFOOT successfully completed the jump, but it’s probably safe to say congratulations. Friday started with lots of rain, but the rest of the weekends forecast looked good. This year, the sales team brought over 700 tires, tons of inventory and lots of free t-shirts for all of our customers. Saturday night means Mike Devore and his store team host the Midnight Madness Sale. This event has been going on for years and includes a rock crawl course, live band, barbecue and lots of contests. This event gets so big that the local police are even there now directing traffic to keep the event safe for everyone to enjoy. Check out the attached pictures of the event and we hope to see you at Indy Jamboree in future years!