Vehicle: Year, Make & Model
2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mountain Edition

Tell us about your upgrades and describe the parts installed.
It started simple enough. I wanted to look in to finally investing in a lift on my Jeep, partially to help on the trails as I have recently begun to really enjoy spending time at the off road park… and 2, because it looks so DANG GOOD! We recently had a 10 year anniversary (of his passing) ceremony for my Father (an important date in Japanese culture) and was inspired after hearing my Father’s favorite song, The Beatles’ “Dreamer”to finish a dream we had together long before he became terminally ill with cancer. That dream? To build a rig (specifically a jeep) that could handle all the beach riding you can do in southern california with no fear of getting stuck. My father and I had spent plenty of time digging out and winching up our 1989 Toyota TR2 pick up. The old bird did well but fell short being only a 2wd. In 2010 I purchased my first Jeep however at the time didn’t really anticipate spending much money on mods. The “mountain edition” came pretty well fitted and handled most of what I thought I would ever do in it.
Turn the page to May of 2012 when I can finally spend the money, and filled with motivation I went to 4 Wheel parts Austin. A few weeks later? 4″ Pro Comp lift kit, 35″ x 12.5″ Pro Comp Extreme All-terrains, 7032 Black Matte rims, Smittybilt XRC front and rear bumpers with Tire carrier. Smittybilt SRC rocker guards…
The day I picked up the Jeep I drove for hours, alone, top off, listening to the hum of the new tires, imagining my Dad riding with me. Best day yet…

What were some challenges and successes?
Thanks to the professionals at 4 Wheel Parts, I trusted in their ability to do the work for me. I don’t regret the decision one bit, every aspect of the work I had done was completed flawlessly. My only challenge thus far is that I have a job… and have to spend time there instead of out on the trails!

What can your ride do now that it couldn’t do before?
A stock wrangler, as most know, can handle quite a bit. For those of us that have ventured out to “Hidden Falls” adventure park in Central Texas know that the trails are not always clearly marked, and often the ratings can seem a bit “off”… Have no fear here, as all the new additions to the aloud me to pass through crossing that I never would have before,,, though sweating profusely for a few of the drop offs and a couple of the “OH SHHH” moments, we came out clean with no damage. She is a beauty!