July 23 and 24 marked our third W.E.ROCK rock crawling competition. This event was held at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica, Ind. The Crawl To Cure Cancer Team hasn’t been back to the Badlands since our rookie season, so we were ready to tear it up there.

Saturday results

On Saturday, the weather was very hot, peaking over 100 degrees. They ran the competition as quickly as possible so we could stay hydrated and get out of the sun. The competition started at 10am and I believe we were back in the hotel by 1pm.

We were in the middle of the running order, so that gave us the advantage of seeing the lines the other teams were taking. On our first course, we made it to the second gate and got turtled on a rock at the exact same spot the rig in front of us did. We timed out with a score of 39. That was the only course we didn’t finish on Saturday. The rest of our course scores were 36, 1, and 13. At the end of the day on Saturday, we were in third place, but only two points ahead of fourth place.

Sunday results

Sunday was the complete opposite of Saturday. Right before we began to run, it started pouring rain and then continued raining all day. In our first course, we were 3’ from the finish gate when our control arm got hung up on a rock and we timed out with a score of 36. We were able to finish the next two courses with scores of 8 and 13. The last course had a muddy hill climb to get up the first gate. After raining all day, it wasn’t happening for us. We gave it hell for 10 minutes, but it wasn’t enough.

We ended up finishing the weekend in fourth place. There were no rollovers and no damage, so it was a good weekend.