Vehicle: Year, Make & Model
86 toyota single cab, 92 toyota exta cab, 75 international scout II

Tell us about your upgrades and describe the parts installed.
The 86 is on it's 3rd build and is tore apart right now having a welded gm 12 bolt and Dana 44 put up under it running 3.73 gears. I plan on locking the front up with a Detroit or eaton locker. Front suspension is a set of rear toyota leafs and outback is a set of chevy 63in leafs with custom shackles. It's powered by 22r stock transmission and t case. Plan on putting dual cases and propane on her this winter. The 92 toyota is my every day driver. It has an optima yellow top battery a 3 in body lift running 33s on Micky Thompson Classic locks, a smitty built tube bumper with 6in hela's mounted on it with a spartan locker in the rear. The scout II has a SOA conversion, rancho shocks and steering stabilizer, pro comp wheels, 33in super swamper tsl radials, and a 345 motor swap after I slung a rod through the stock 304. It has a custom hardwood dash panel and auto meter white faced gauges and is running 4.56 gears.

What were some challenges and successes?
I bought my 86 Yota right after I turned 17 (not knowing it had a curse on it lol) and every time I thought I was ahead on it something would happen that would set me back. The first build was a daily driver/ weekend warrior still running the ifs. It was a disaster and anytime I took it off road between the non flexing ifs, breaking cv axles every time I turned around and the stupid body lift throwing the weight and geometry of the truck off ( I rolled her quite a few times) it sucked, but I was 17 and didn't care. A few years went by and I junk yard sourced a straight axle from an 85 4runner with plans to make it a little more trail worthy but before I could straight axle it I blew the motor. And shortly after I put a new motor in it i crushed my roof after a tree had fallen across the road in bad storm. I then bought my 92. But I finnaly got the 86 straight axled and wheeled it around for abt a year on some trails near my house before blowing another motor. Now it's being built for the 3rd time. Through all my problems with my 86 and working on and wheeling with my friends I've learned a lot about these old toyotas from trial and error a lot of under the hood experience and reading more articles and forums then I can remember. I do feel proud to say that I'm only 22 and every thing that has been done to any of my trucks has been done by me and my buddies in our garages/ shops/ barns.

What can your ride do now that it couldn’t do before?
Thanks to my smitty built bumper on my 92 my front end doesn't get all bent up and broke every time I hit a deer. My yellow top optima keeps my system thumping and doesn't die every 2 months (unlike duralast batteries before did.) after the straight axle swap on the 2nd build on my 86 Yota I had a lot more flex and it went a lot further than before after I locked it up in the rear. Now that rearend is under my 92 I can cruise around my hunting land without getting stuck. I'm looking forward to getting my 86 back out this summer and I think that I will be pleased with it, I'll keep it posted as the build goes on throughout the winter. (Don't have any pics at the second of the 86 right now but I'll put some up soon. But this is from before)