Once again, Team 4 Wheel Parts headed back east for the biggest Jamboree of the year. The 29th Annual Fall 4 Wheel Jamboree went for 3 days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The crew put in some serous time here in Indy. We also put on an after-party sale called “Night on the Rocks.” Saturday, we kept the Indianapolis store open until midnight for more action with a private rock garden, food and music, and unbeatable sales. This was the biggest show in the East and if you have never been, I recommend that you mark your calendar for next year.
4 Wheel Jamboree


Thursday was vendor move-in day. Brent Goegebuer, Tim Chase, Daniel Stewart, Michelle and Darrell Chirrick, Aldo Rebanal, and Greg Bolton met up to put the game plan together and start setting up our booth. We had two 53-foot trailers full of product and 1 truck full of tires. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t fly in until late Thursday afternoon, so I didn’t even see the fairgrounds until Friday morning.

4 Wheel Parts | 4 Wheel Jamboree


Friday morning came fast. All but 2 members of our crew were there. Friday morning we got to the fairgrounds around 8am, which gave us just enough time to finish setting up and start greeting the customers. The action started at 9am and ran into the night. The show was supposed to end at 6pm, but they decided with all the people still making their way in after they got off work that the monster trucks would run another show for the crowd at 6pm. With this addition, we didn’t close the gates until around 8pm or so. Even though it was a weekday, there seemed to be tons of fans and their families there.

We were on site with a tire machine and tire balancer so we could do free on-site mounting and balancing for every set of tires we sold. The promotion company, Family Events, even provided us with 2 golf carts so if customers didn’t want their tires installed, we could carry them back to their vehicles. These golf carts were lifesavers for the heavy product that we brought with us. Not only did we have the best deals on tires, but we also were doing the best deals on lift kits, winches, and performance products like MBRP, AIRAID, K/N, and Volant. 4 Wheel Parts has the largest inventory in the stores and at the shows.
4 Wheel Parts Booth


Our last 2 crew members arrived. Now we were ready for the busiest day of the weekend. Everyone met in the lobby of the hotel at 7am for breakfast and then we rolled out to the fairgrounds. Getting to the 4 Wheel Jamboree at 8am, we started our day with the smell of racing fuel and exhaust from the NMRO Mud Drags, Sgt. Smash Monster Truck Rides, Mickey Thompson Tough Truck Challenge, NADM Diesel Sled Pull Invitational, and General Tire Monster Truck Thunder Drags. Now this is what Indy is all about.

I loved talking with all the people and helping them out with their off road needs. But even though we were busy at the show all day, there was still the Night on the Rocks After-Party Sale at the Indy store. At about 6 pm Saturday, we sent almost everyone to the store to help Mike’s crew out. The store was continuing the deals, cooking food, playing music, and hosting the rock crawl. I and a few others stayed behind until all the crowds were gone. At about 9pm, Paul and I finally made it to the store. The police had the road blocked down to 1 lane of traffic and there were people coming from all directions for as far as you could see. The parking lot was full of people, the music was playing loudly, and the crowd was loving the action on the rocks. Indianapolis is lucky to have such events come into their town.
4 Wheel Parts Midnight Sale
4WheelParts Midnight Sale 2010
Off Road Crowd


Sunday is the day that no one was looking forward to. It’s the day that we have to try to move all the remaining products. Last day of the sales means it’s all got to go! Not only is it the last sales day, but it’s also the day that we have to pack up everything. With only a few hours of sleep it was tough, but we pulled out all the stops. We sold every one of the Smittybilt XRC winches and lots of tires.

With the history of this show, we thought this year we would get lucky and not have any rain. Boy, were we wrong. At around 1pm, the wind picked up and shortly thereafter the rain started coming down. You would think it would be a good opportunity for some downtime, but the Indy people are diehard fans so it only made it more exciting. This is what they love – mud, rain, and a little breeze are nothing for them. We did start sending some of the crew home around this time since some of them had planes to catch.

We’d like to thank Lionel Phillips from Atlanta as well as Ryan Booth and Jonathan Hansen from Texas for all their help and the great deals they landed. The rest of us were there for the remainder of the night. The crew from the store came down for the day and even their shop crew was there to do more installations on the site. Tear down started around 5pm and went really quickly. We had a good time at dinner that night; our server had a good sense of humor and went along with all the kidding around. It was a good way to end a very busy and long weekend. In all, this weekend was worth all the sleepless nights.
4 Wheel Parts Sale Booth 2010
29th Annual Fall 4 Wheel Jamboree in Indianapolis, Indiana 2010